Michelangelo van Dam - Curriculum Vitae

Sr. Web Application Architect, Devops Enabler & Azure Expert


Veteran web application developer & architect with nearly thirty years of experience solving complex business challenges with high availability requirements. Spending the past decade modernizing applications and migrating them to Microsoft Azure.


External Consultant, Coöperatie Menzis (Netherlands) — 12/2023 - Present

Modernizing, automating, and securing manual processes, integrating with partner systems using cloud native solutions.

  • Architecting an integration layer with Azure Functions
  • Automating integration and deployments using CI/CD
  • Managing cloud infrastructure via code
  • Reducing cloud spending by optimizing SKU and resource consumption
  • Training and coaching teams on Azure, automation, and development practices

External Consultant, Devoteam (Belgium) — 02/2021 - 10/2023

Enabling organizations to transform their existing applications to modernized, cloud native solutions while elevating knowledge and skills of the development teams through workshops and coaching sessions.

Success stories:

  • Cloud Migration journey at an international storage facility
  • Cloud Adoption at an accredited inspection and certification organization
  • Application Modernization Assessment at a governmental institute
  • Microsoft Azure infrastructure operation and integration at an utilities company
  • Feature configuration at an educational institute
  • Cloud architecture design and configuration for an international food chain
  • Application Modernization Journey at an inspection and certification organization
  • Microsoft Azure adoption, API Management, and DevOps enablement at a national transportation organization

External Consultant, Be-Mobile/4411 (Belgium) — 05/2020 - 01/2021

Modernizing and elevating quality of the core API solutions while mentoring the teams to improve stability and reliability.

External Consultant, De Lijn (Belgium) — 07/2019 - 04/2020

Bridging the gap between business, development, operations, security, and QA as DevOps enabler, while providing a robust cloud architecture for their B2B integration requirements. Introduced infrastructure as code to elevate the capabilities of operation teams.

External Consultant, BAS Trucks (Netherlands) — 06/2011 - 06/2019

Modernized existing ERP and CRM applications while growing development team, enabling fast acceleration for business in changing market conditions and regulations.

Other positions — 1997 - 2011

Available on request


Web Technologies Microsoft Azure DevOps
PHP, Perl, Python App Services, Functions, Logic Apps CI/CD
API, Backend services API Management Terraform, Ansible
MVC, SOA, Microservices NSG, Vnet, AGW TDD, BDD, DDD
Docker & Kubernetes ACR & AKS Agile, Lean, Kanban
OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, Grafana Monitor & Insights Team Topologies, DORA