I'm a senior #php architect, co-founder and #ceo of , #community leader at , coach at @CoderDojoBelgium, #MVP (Reconnect), #digitalnomad, likes #coffee.

Work Experiences

CEO/Co-founder In2it

4/2009 - Present

In2it - Mechelen (Belgium)

Helping businesses to migrate to the web, improve quality and automate deployments.

  • PHP / Web Applications
    • Custom applications
    • Web shops and e-commerce platforms
    • ERP/CRM systems
    • Marketing and promotional applications
    • Industry specific applications for health care, finance, justice and defence
  • Quality Engineering
    • Setting up testing frameworks (PHPUnit, DBUnit, Behat, Selenium)
    • Implementing Continuous Integration (Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI)
    • Automating Deployments (Terraform, Puppet, Ansible)
    • Pipelining (Jenkins, GitHub, BitBucket, Azure)
  • Platforms
    • Linux (Debian, RedHat, Arch Linux, SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu)
    • Cloud
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
      • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • Virtualisation (Vagrant, VirtualBox, VMWare)
    • Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
    • Serverless (Azure Functions, AWS Lambda)
  • Concepts & principals
    • S.O.L.I.D.
    • K.I.S.S.
    • D.R.Y.
    • Shift Left
    • DevOps (DevSecOps)
    • Chaos engineering
  • Remote and on-site experience
    • Working remote with remote teams for multiple international clients since 2014
    • Working on-site for local clients since 2009

DevOps Engineer

07/2019 - 04/2020

De Lijn - Mechelen (Belgium)

In the role as External Azure DevOps Engineer I am responsible to bridge the gap between development, operations, QA, security and business. I work closely with technical and solutions architects to define technical approaches for projects and automate processes to deliver code, quality, security, compliance and infrastructure in an automated fashion while ensuring feedback is provided fast to the different stakeholders involved in the project.

Zend Framework Trainer

11/2015 - 01/2018

Zend Technologies, Inc. (San Jose, CA, USA)

For my contributions to the project and my community influence, I was giving offical Zend Framework training on-site to customers.

Zend Framework Trainer

1/2013 - 10/2015

PHP|Architect / Musketeers (Alexandria, VA, USA)

As an expert on Zend Framework application development, I provide on-line training courses for php|architect:

Zend Framework Trainer

9/2010 - 12/2012

PHP|Architect / Blueparabola, Toronto (Canada)

As an expert on Zend Framework application development, I provide on-line training courses for php|architect:

PHP Web Application Architect & Development Lead

06/2011 - 06/2019

BAS Trucks - Veghel (The Netherlands)

BAS Trucks, European leader in used trucks, shares the same passion for their business as I have for PHP technology. Working at BAS Trucks is not a job, it's an adventure where old-school sales techniques and cutting edge technologies prove to be the foundations of success.

As architect and development lead I listen to the business and see how their needs can be supported by technology, advice and coach development teams and improve processes while safeguarding quality and security.

PHP / Zend Framework Consultant

3/2009 - 6/2011

Macq NV - Brussels (Belgium)

Macq NV hired my services for development of web applications to control their own build hardware, coaching and training of in house PHP development teams and to upgrade and improve their development processes.

  • Implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) and testing platform
  • Development of an application monitoring pump stations for tunnels
  • Development of an application controlling road signs above highways
  • Development of an application to control and manage speed enforcement equipment
  • Implementation of version control, bug tracking, reporting and logging
  • Interfacing with back-end systems and hardware drivers
  • Integration of LDAP Single Sign On module

Freelance PHP Engineer

11/2008 - 02/2009

Ibuildings - Flushing (The Netherlands)

PHP web application development.

  • development on mass-user web application

Recent work involved:

  • development of mass user web applications
  • PHPUnit Testing on code base and MVC compontents
  • AJAXification of existing applications
  • performance tuning Zend Framework apps

IT Consultant

4/2007 - 2/2008

AUSY Belgium - Brussels (Belgium)

As IT consultant I work in-house on fixed-priced projects (Mobistar) or at the customer's location (Belgian Railways - NMBS/SNCB). These projects mainly are front-end interfaces for manipulating back-end systems, based upon the industry standard Zend Framework.

  • installation and configuration of a complete development environment (LAMP)
  • development of the PDF reports generated by Zend_PDF
  • development of a LDAP connector accessible via Web Services
  • technical analysis and lead development for a security intranet application
  • development using Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns and Zend Framework
  • AJAX interfaces with Yahoo UI Toolkit and EXTJS
  • Test-Driven development with PHPUnit

ICT Manager

9/2005 - 3/2007

vzw 'de Rand' - Wemmel (Belgium)

As ICT Manager, I'm responsible for all ICT related issues on the 6 sites located on the outskirts of Brussels, from where this non-profit organization operates.

  • project management on external development for integrated back-office application
  • network architecture and design
  • responsible for purchase and leasing contracts
  • license management
  • support and problem solving

Operations Engineer Internet Services

4/2001 - 8/2005

Telenet NV - Mechelen (Belgium)

Designing and developing mass user web applications and integration of third party/open source software packages for Belgiums secondary leading ISP.

  • evaluation and integration of NetIQ's WebTrends Reporting Center
  • partially designing and developing our customer services platform (myTelenet)
  • developing various online tools for B2C purposes
  • designing and integration of customer tools based on open source projects

Web Application Developer

11/2000 - 3/2001

2Organize - Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Developing and maintaining web applications for their customers and integration of web services.

  • Online shop for Adobe Europe (
  • Online reservations for Belvilla holliday houses (
  • Maintenance of the KNSA website (

System Administrator

3/2000 - 10/2000

Hippodrome - Alicante (Spain)

  • maintenance of network for cyber café
  • setting up game servers for online gaming

Development Engineer

5/1999 - 2/2000

World Online - Antwerp (Belgium)

  • development customer applications for digital media (CD-ROM and website)
  • creation of the European award winning customer CD-ROM
  • building co-branded online and off line marketing projects

Helpdesk Agent

9/1998 - 4/1999

World Online - Antwerp (Belgium)

  • providing support by phone to customers
  • check remote services (POP3, SMTP, NNTP, HTTP)
  • report network failures


Zend Technologies, Inc.

10/2010 - 10/2010

Zend Certified Engineer (PHP 5.3 : ZCE)

Zend Technologies, Inc.

10/2008 - 10/2008

Zend Certified Engineer (Zend Framework : ZCE-ZF)

Zend Technologies, Inc.

9/2007 - 9/2007

Zend Certified Engineer (PHP 5 : ZCE)

International Business School Brussels

6/2007 - 6/2007

TOEFL iBT exam

TOEFL iBT Scores:
Reading: 29/30
Speaking: 29/30
Listening: 29/30
Writing: 24/30
Total: 111/120

Zend Technologies, Inc.

12/2006 - 12/2006

Zend Certified Engineer (PHP 4 : ZCE)


Dates Organization Role
02/2018 - Present Techpath Trainer
08/2017 - Present Ministry of Testing Active member
08/2017 - Present Hour Pendulum Co-founder
02/2015 - Present CoderDojo Belgium Coach / Mentor
02/2013 - Present Dutch Web Alliance Active member
10/2009 - Present PHPBenelux PHP Conference President/Co-organizer
04/2009 - Present FeWeb Member
04/2009 - Present Unizo Member
05/2008 - Present PHP Community Active member
04/2007 - Present Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Contributor


Skill Skill level Experience
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Expert 31 years
Linux Expert 25 years
PHP Expert 19 years
Unit Testing (PHPUnit) Expert 16 years
MySQL DBA Expert 14 years
MySQL Developer Expert 14 years
Laminas (formerly known as Zend Framework) Expert 14 years
Microsoft Azure Expert (MVP) 12 years
Apache Solr Expert 6 years
Composer Expert 6 years
MongoDb Expert 6 years
Redis Expert 6 years
Gearman / RabbitMQ Expert 6 years
Symfony Expert 6 years
Docker Advanced 5 years
Kubernetes Advanced 4 years
Laravel Intermediate 3 years
Vault / Conjur / Azure Key Vault Intermediate 3 years
Terraform Intermediate 3 years
Consul Novice 2 years


Language Proficiency
Dutch Fluent
English Fluent

Additional fields of interest

Michelangelo van Dam





Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP)